Communication Policy Configuration

In order to customize your communication module, use these policies to generate your rules. These rules can be implemented by Organization, Building, Complex or Province level.





Step 2: Determine the Policy type you would like to revise/ amend. Navigate to that Policy lister ( Example- Availability).

Policy Description

Use this policy to set the permission rights for Tenants to communicate with you via the Resident and Prospect Portal. Turning this feature off will remove the communication ability for Tenants to message you via the portal


Use this Policy to create the opt-in Consent verbiage for your desired needs.

System Template

These System Communications happen automatically. Use this Policy to assign the correct Template for the system messages to be sent on your behalf. You can create Custom Templates and choose them for system messages by going to MESSAGE CENTER → TEMPLATES → SYSTEM to create or add new templates.


Step 3: create/revise the Policy as required. Policies only implemented going forward from the creation/revision of such policy. Any policy revisions will not revise any previous information received. For any assistance please email: 

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