Prospect Notifications: Updating Sender Name and Sender Email Address

Goal: Update the Sender Name that the prospect views when receiving email correspondence from the property via LeadManaging.


Setting Options To Update “Sender Name”: 


  1. Global (PMC) level setting: This is a backend setting that can be set up and the sender name will be the name that all prospects see across all properties under the PMC. Example:


  1. Property Level Setting: This is a frontend setting that customers can update at a property level (users that have access to the frontend settings). 
    • If this setting is updated, all prospects will see the sender name reflected at this property level setting for that particular property
    • For properties that do not have this property level setting set up, prospects will see the sender name reflected at the global level.



Notification types from LeadManaging that will reflect this sender name:


  • All prospect auto-response notifications sent out from LeadMananging that have been set up in the customer’s account. 
  • All email replies leasing agents send to prospects via LeadManaging


Prospect notification examples once the property level sender name is updated: 




Important Points Of Discussion: Updating Sender Email:


  • If the property level sender name is used/updated, then a sender email has to be inputted as well for the property. Otherwise, the sender name and email at the global level will override the sender name listed at the property level setting. 
  • The sender email (both at the global and property level) has to be a valid email address. If a vanity email address is used and a prospect decides to respond, they will receive a notification from their email box that the email address is invalid and the prospect email reply will not be delivered: 


  • LeadManaging recommends that customers use “leasing@leadmanaging” as the sender email in order to ensure that all replies from a prospect gets redirected back to the LeadManaging account. 
  • IF a different email address is used then all prospect replies will NOT be tracked back into LeadManaging and instead will be directed to the inbox associated with the sender email address used. This will mean that leasing staff will have to manage inquiries coming into LM from the ILS as well as managing the inbox associated with the sender email address to manage prospect replies. 
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