Appointment Types

In LeadManaging, Users will have the option to add in Appointment Types that are not your typical showing, like a Virtual Tour for example.

If you wish to take advantage of this, you'll need to set it up in your Configurations Panel on the Settings Page


Once clicked, you'll be seeing a list of all the Buildings in your environment. Select the Building you wish to make changes to and click mceclip3.png


Expand the Appointment Type tab by clicking on it.


Adding an Appointment Type is as easy inputting it in the textbox and clicking mceclip2.png

To make sure it shows on the Booking Form, ensure the Activate question on form checkbox is checked as in the above example.

Be sure to click mceclip2.png to make sure your changes take effect.

Your Prospects will now be able to select the Appointment Type on the Booking Form 


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