Getting Started with the MyVista App


In order to use the MyVista app the tenant must sign into the Tenant Portal first.  If the tenant has not set the My Community Tenant portal up, please click here.

The MyVista app provides all the functionality of the tenant portal but from the convivence of one's mobile device.  This includes functionality for lease signing, setting up auto pay, making payments, submitting maintenance requests and more. 

Getting Started

Upon a tenant's first login they will be asked to select an approved lease.  Select the lease and hit continue. 


Lease Agreement

If a tenant has not yet signed a lease agreement they will be prompted to sign their lease agreement.  



When the tenant taps "SIGN YOUR LEASE", the lease agreement will be loaded with four boxes highlighted in red, where the tenant will be requested to sign their name.  When they have signed their name, the box will turn green to show completion. Upon completion the tenant will be able to download their lease agreement. 



Auto Pay and Payments

With a tenant's first login, if they have not already setup auto pay, they will be prompted to do so.  If the tenant intends to make manual payments, they can skip this step. 


The tenant can setup a new payment method, by inputting their credit card or eft details. 







When payment details have been added tenant should select add to proceed to the payment details screen.  Here the tenant will be asked to input the amount of rent and and features in the agreed upon lease.  Hitting submit when details have been entered. 



The MyVista app allows a tenant to either purchase insurance in app or upload proof of insurance if this is required, or they wish to do so.  To purchase insurance they must first agree to the terms and conditions. Upon which they will then be navigated to receive a quote. Here the tenant must answer several drop down questions, and then hit "Get Quote". 


A quote will be provided immediately, detail a monthly payment or a total annual amount. Allowing the tenant to complete purchase in app. The tenant may purchase insurance or obtain a quote at any point in the future.


Getting Started Almost Complete 

From the MyVista app dashboard the tenant can now view outstanding balances, make a manual payment, update payment information, submit a maintenance request, and  create messages. 

The messages button allows users to communicate directly with the property manager.



The app allows tenants to submit maintenance requests directly to the property manager. The app allows the tenant to determine if it is a unit or building issue.  Indicate if it is an emergency issue or not. The tenant can pick where the issue is and provide details from the drop down menus, as well as put a more detailed description in the description box.  A photo can also be uploaded, and to provide further context.  




For further information, the app has a tutorial that can be accessed via the question mark in the upper right corner. 













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