Setting up Employees and Adding Alerts

Setting up employees is an important step in Property Vista that allows you to set employee information & access, set up privileges, and alerts.

Step 1: To set up employees, go to Organization →  Employees and select +NEW EMPLOYEE



Step 2: Complete the Personal Information tab. Include digital signatures if this employee is going to digitally sign documents such as legal forms, applications, etc.



Step 3: Complete the Privileges tab. NOTE: Employees need to be assigned Roles and Buildings in order to see anything. They can be restricted to only see certain buildings when they log in, so if this is required, please ensure you choose the buildings they are meant to see. To find more information on user role configuration, visit this article HERE.


Password Create Password for User 
Confirm Password Confirm Password Created
Active Employee Select for Current Employee - Unselect for past employees
Change Password Select this field if you would like the Employee to create their own Password.
Roles  Select +Add to add Privilege's/Access to Property Vista
Building Access Select this button to Restrict an employee to certain properties. Select +Add and choose the Properties
Portfolios Select +Add if portfolios have been created to assign an employee to a portfolio

Select +Add to input an employee's subordinate employees


Step 4: Complete the Alerts tab to set up alerts by email for employees. Select Notify my Changes → Notify Me → +Add (You will now be able to choose from a list of actions to be alerted to) → Select as many as necessary.  NOTE: Visit this article HERE, to learn more about what each type of alert means


NOTE: If you have the communication module, do not use the maintenance alert here. This will cause duplicate email notifications.


Step 5: Select Save

Step 6: Lastly, invite Employees to the system. Go to Actions Send Welcome Email



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