Application Reminders Strategy

In order to obtain the highest conversion rates when it comes to new Applicants in a Lease Application, recommend to send reminder emails in order to invite the Applicants to complete their online application.


Implement Application reminder strategies using the Property Vista 'Message Centre' module. Find existing broadcast templates that are related to Application reminders -- navigate to Message Centre -> Broadcast Templates ->Default. Here, you will be able to filter through all existing default templates and find related rent reminder broadcast campaigns.


Find the name of existing Application Reminder related campaigns below. You may customize the verbiage of the following default broadcast templates to fit your business needs and requirements.

Application Reminder 1
Application Reminder 2
Application Reminder 3
Application Reminder 4
Application Reminder 5




Don't forget to configure applicable Communication Settings to fit your business needs -- navigate to Administration -> Settings -> Communication -> Communication Categories. Select the applicable category (in this case: 'Application Reminder' and configure the following settings:

Access Roles Which user roles will have access to this specific communication category.
Response Group Which user roles will be able to respond to these types of communications, within this specific communication category.
Opt-Out Enabled By checking this box, tenants will be able to opt-out from external communication in this category, either by an 'unsubscribe link' at the bottom of the notification email or by logging into the Resident Portal. Please check your local Anti-Spam and Communication law to ensure you adhering to all rules.
Consent Action

Request: In this case, an email request will be sent to tenants to give them the option to Opt-In to this communication category. By default, no one is added to this communication category. After you press 'Save', Click on ACTIONS -> SEND CONSENT REQUEST, to send the email notification to properties of your choosing.

Opt-In: In this case, all tenants are Opt-In to this category by default. They have the option to Opt-Out at any point - If Opt-Out is enabled.

Opt-Out: In this case, everyone is Opt-Out to this category by default. They may Opt-In via their Tenant Portal at any point.



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