Communication Templates Overview

Here is a breakdown of the different templates that are provided to your Property Vista environment and a general overview on how to utilize them.

Step 1: Create a New Communication Category

Go to Administration -> Settings -> Communication -> Communication Categories -> + New Communication Categories


Choose between the type of category:

- New Message Category: A message concerns one recipient.


- New Broadcast category: A broadcast is generally used to send to many recipients.


Category Name Type Explanations
Application Reminders Broadcast Allows you to remind your Applicant to complete his application as soon as possible in order to ensure to get the unit
General Announcements Broadcast General information to be shared with your Tenants/Employees.
General Messages  Message General information to be shared with your Tenant/Employee
Important Announcements Broadcast Allows to remind the Tenant to fill in his payment method or his proof of Insurance 
Maintenance  Ticket  Any message concerning the Maintenance Request sent/received by your Tenant or by your company
Move in Reminders Broadcast Some relevant information you would like to communicate to your new Tenant
New Resident Welcome Broadcast A message to welcome the new resident 
Renters Insurance Alerts Broadcast Reminder to supply the Insurance
Rent Reminders Broadcast Reminder to pay the rent
Rent Warning Broadcast Reminder if the rent is due or overdue
Requisition System Notification To receive a notification when a Purchase Requisition is generated
Requisition Approval System Notification To allow the approval of a Purchase Requisition
Resident Portal Registration Broadcast A message to invite the Tenant to register on the Portal
Tenant  Ticket Any message from the Tenant
Ticket Any information related to the website you have with Property Vista


Step 2: Enter the following information


Access Roles Select who will be able to read to this communication  
Response Group Select who will be able to respond to this communication  

Opt-Out Enabled

By Default the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASTLE) propose this setting.


Select Opt-Out Enabled to allow the tenant to unsubscribe for the back up email notification

Consent Action


On the Portal, a message pop up will ask if the Tenant agrees for back up email notification


By default, the Tenant receives the back up email notification and choose to unsubscribe


By Default, the Tenant does not received the back up email notification and can choose to subscribe

Then Save.

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