Building Ownership Change/Sold while maintaining same Yardi Building Code

When a property owner changes but would like to retain the same Yardi Code, there is a process to achieve just that.
The following guidelines must be completed in the exact order to ensure a smooth transition.
Please advise our Technical Support 2 business days prior to your migration if you require any assistance.

Steps to be taken Yardi
The following processes need to be completed before 5:00 PM ET on the day of the migration

1. Yardi admin will rename the buildings being migrated with an added prefix "x" to the property code. i.e. abc001 > xabc001
2. Yardi admin will create a new building with the original property code (i.e. abc001) and will copy all tenants from the old building to the new building.

Please ensure that the Yardi property list and interface user account have access to these new properties.
3. Both buildings abc001 and xabc001 MUST remain accessible for the Property Vista interface user (propvist) for billing & payments, and ILS guest card interfaces during the daily sync.
Steps to be taken in Property Vista
The Property Vista software will detect the new building (i.e. xabc001) and compare with the old building code (i.e. abc001). If the tenant lists match, then Property Vista will merge all of the records automatically.

Financial Notes:
1. Tenant Portal Accounts, payment methods and pre-authorized payment details will remain intact.
2. Building configurations such as bank accounts and access permissions will remain intact
Technical Notes: 
1. Only one building (i.e. abc001) will remain in PV
2. Old xabc001 property will exist in Yardi but will not be import into the PV system
3. Tenants IDs (e.g. r00123 and t079882) will be updated in PV to match new tenants by name and unit number
4. All tenant records from the previous building (i.e. xabc001) will be matched to the new building (i.e. abc001)
5. If Units or Tenant are renamed names are changed, the merge process will not succeed
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