ILS Configurations


Through Property Vista, Property Managers have the ability to automate their ILS syndication process using a standardised XML file format for ILS feeds. Property Vista consolidates property details into a MITS (Multifamily Information and Transactions Standards) standardised XML file format that is used by all ILS providers to communicate listing data across partner sites in real-time.


To allow the activation of the ILS Feed URL, begin by configuring your ILS Provider of choice if not already listed: CRM → Administration → Content Management → ILS Providers → New ILS Provider → Enter details → Save


Proceed with configuring your ILS Settings: CRM → Administration → Content Management → ILS Settings → New ILS Settings → Select ILS provider → Select Buildings → Save



Upon saving, the ILS Feed URL (XML formatted ILS feed) will become available, and this is the URL you will provide to your ILS Provider partners (e.g. RentSync) for setup purposes from their end.


You may now proceed with configuring and/or validating that the necessary data is fully configured, so that your ILS Feed listings are appropriately populated: CRM → Properties → Buildings → Select Building → Marketing tab → Edit


  • Name - this is the “Marketing Name: used for the Property in ILS Feeds
  • Long Description - this is the Property Description used in ILS Feeds
  • Office Hours - these are the property-specific daily Office Hours used in ILS Feeds
  • Images - these are the Marketing Images for the Property that are applied in ILS Feeds


Lastly, if you are a LeadManaging Client, you will be required to provide your ILS Provider with the appropriate Tracking Building Email Address and Tracking Phone Number for setup purposes on their end.

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