Property Vista and Rentsync

Property Vista and Rentsync are two software solutions that can be integrated using XML technology.


Property Vista is a property management software that helps landlords and property managers automate their daily tasks. It includes features such as online rent payments, tenant portals, and maintenance tracking.


Rentsync is a marketing automation platform that helps property managers advertise their properties online. It includes features such as listing syndication, lead management, and website design and development.


By integrating Property Vista and Rentsync using XML, property managers can automate the process of listing their properties online.


Property Vista can use XML to automatically export property listings to Rentsync. This means that property managers do not have to manually enter their listings into Rentsync. Instead, the listings are automatically updated whenever there is a change in the property information.


In conclusion, integrating Property Vista and Rentsync using XML can save property managers time and reduce errors. It allows for automatic updates of property listings and tenant information, which can lead to a more efficient workflow.

How It Works

Once your integration is enabled there are a few things to keep in mind. When using Rentsync to review and update your data there are fields that are permanently tied to your information in Property Vista.

By default the below information will always be sourced by Property Vista - in order to update this data you’ll need to update that data within the Property Vista platform:

Property Data 

  • Property Type
  • Property Description
  • Property Pet Policy
  • Property Address
  • Property Office Hours
  • Amenities
  • Utilities
  • Property Images

Suite Data 

  • Unit Name
  • Unit Number
  • Unit bed/bath count
  • Unit Square Footage
  • Rental Rate
  • Availability
  • Unit Images
  • Unit floorplan images


There are some fields in Rentsync that are not connected to Property Vista by default. These can continue to be edited directly in Rentsync:

Property Data

  • Housing Type
  • Ownership Type
  • Contact Info
  • Property URL
  • Parking Details
  • Storage Details
  • Location and Community Description
  • Virtual Tours
  • Videos

Suite Data 

  • Den yes/no
  • Deposit Amount
  • Hydro Rate
  • Orientation
  • Unit Description


When in doubt, check in Rentsync for greyed-out fields and grey stop signs. These are visual indicators that the data is coming from outside of the Rentsync platform:

Questions about your information in Rentsync? Submit a support request to the RentSync Team here: Support



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