How to Configure Vendors for Outbound Payments

In order to send outbound payments to Vendors, we need to first register them with our third party payment provider Dream. The registration will create a profile with Dream so when the first payment is sent, the vendor will be able to receive the funds through the Dream Payment Portal.


To register a Vendor go to Organization > Vendors and pick the desired Vendor from the list. Click on the Outbound Transfer Contact tab to enable the vendor for outbound payments and enter the required information, by clicking the Edit pencil icon.

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It is very important all information entered here is correct and regularly updated since you will be sending possible large amount of funds to these Vendors. 


Email - The Vendor profile with Dream will be created based on the email address, so this email should not be used for other Vendors. If there is a case when a vendor changes their email address, you should immediately update it here. When an email is changed, Dream will inactivate the existing profile for the Vendor and create a new one. The vendor will still be able to retrieve any transfers related to the original email through the portal. Original portal access will be disabled after the last transfer is completed and any new transfers sent will be received from the new profile. 


Address – It is very important to enter the correct address because the CRM will use this address to send a cheque to, if the Vendor chooses to receive the funds as the cheque payment method. If the Vendor does not take any action after being sent the transfer, system will automatically send a cheque to the address after 10 business days.


Phone – The phone number entered will be used by the Dream portal to send the MFA code to the Vendor so they can securely access the portal upon sign in. 


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Once all details have been entered, click Save. To complete registering the Vendor, click the downarrow on the Actions button and then click the new option Register for Sending Payments. 


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There are two indicators the Vendor was registered successfully:


  1. The Registered for Outbound Transfers field will show as Yes, and
  2. System will populate the Integration ID field with a unique ID for the Vendor



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Please contact our Technical Support team or your account manager if you receive any errors during registration or the fields mentioned above are not accurately updated. 


The Vendors can be enabled in the same fashion for those cases when Vista is connected to Yardi. 


All new and existing Vendors can be enabled. 

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