Journal Batches

Please see below steps on how to create a Journal Batch.


Go to Finance -> Accounting -> Journal Batches and click + New Journal Batch


Enter batch Name and Description (optional) and click Save




Optionally, you can add Attachments, Documents and Notes clicking Notes.

Click Batch Items



There 2 methods adding items to a journal batch:

  1. Clicking  + New Complex Journal Record and entering all the info from UI
  2. Using Action -> Import and importing records from CSV file

Please note you can combine both methods: partially adding records from UI and partially importing them from CSV file. 

  • Method 1.  Clicking  + New Complex Journal Record and entering all the info from UI


Provide Record Details and click Save or Save/Next for entering next record. Please use correct sign for the amount (debits are positive, credits are negative). 


Enter next record and again Click Save or Save Next.





  • Method 2. Using Action -> Import and importing records from CSV file

You need to prepare CSV file with journal records, using the following layout:


Date is MM/DD/YYYY form

Owner must be exactly as corresponding Business Name (copy/paste from Owner UI)

Building must be exactly as corresponding Property Code (copy/paste from Building UI)

Unit must be exactly as corresponding Unit number (copy/paste from Unit UI)

Lease must be exactly as corresponding Lease Id (copy/paste from Lease UI)

Account must be exactly as corresponding GL Account Number (copy/paste from GL Account Menu)

Amount must be positive for Debits and negative for Credits

Note is free optional text

Date, Owner, Account and Amount is mandatory. Building is optional, but it is recommended if the journal record is corresponded to certain building. It allows you to use efficiently Building filter later on in the reports.

Once file is prepared, click Action->Import


Click on Choose File and browse to prepared file on the computer. Click Upload. Records will be added to the batch




Please Note that a Journal Batch may have records related to different dates, owners, buildings and so on (Unit and Lease will be added in next PV version). However, total record amount for any combination of date, owner, and building MUST BE 0.

This can be checked clicking Action->Validate Batch

If there is an error the Error Message appears with all complex transaction, which total is not zero:


Click Acknowledge and correct Batch selecting incorrect record and clicking on Edit or Delete Checked.


Click Action->Validate Batch after correction is done. If batch is OK the following message appear:


Press Acknowledge.

You can continue adding or importing new records for other dates, owners, buildings combination after that.

Once Batch is fully prepared and validated OK, you can click Post Batch. Alternatively, you can Cancel Batch at any time before it is posted.


Once batch is posted its status will change accordingly


You can go and validate newly posted transaction in Journal:


If you are not satisfied, you can come back to Journal Batch UI and perform Action->Delete from Journal. All the batch records will be deleted.






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