Closing The Month

We give you the ability to close off each month either for all buildings under one owner or by closing individual buildings. By performing this functionality, the system will prevent any financial activities from being performed with a date that reflects a closed month. You will have the ability to re open the previously closed month to allow for this transaction to be processed but it will initially be blocked.

Go to Month Closing in Finance;


Step 1: You can close the month for all buildings for an owner or close them building by building, individually. First we will look at closing all buildings for a month;



Note: You can click on “All” again and subsequently reopen all months again as required;



Step 2: Secondly lets look at closing the month for the individual buildings; 



The month is now closed as shown below;


You can now click on the month to review it or reopen it if you want to add new financial activity;


You now know how to close and reopen the financial months.


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