Recurring Journal Entries

All financial activities created by billing and vendor management systems are loaded in general ledger automatically. Those activities show on financial activity screen and are marked as system defined. You are not able to delete those activities.

You can create manual financial activities to load additional financial transactions in general ledger.

For example let us create a manual financial activity to facilitate credit card purchases.

Please note: Manual financial activity is  associated with Debit and Credit GL (General Ledger) types. You may need to create a new GL type first to use it in the mapping of manual financial activity. In order to create new manual financial activity for credit card purchases, we need to create a new GL type for that first.


Step 1: Click on New GL Account Type




Step 2: Fill in the information as necessary and click save




Step 3: Click on Financial Activity




Step 4: Fill in the info as necessary




This is the activity we just created.




Next step will be to create appropriate GL Accounts for new “Credit Card” GL Type as it was  shown earlier.


The diagram shows the structure of financial activity and its relationship to GL Types with examples of Credit Card Purchase and Credit Card Payment manual financial activities.




We will now show you how you can create a new manual financial activity from manual transactions, which is an alternate way to enter manual financial transaction.


Step 1: Finance--> Accounting-->Manual Transactions. Then click on new manual transaction




Step 2: Fill in the necessary information and click save




You have now created a manual transaction using a different method.




You can find your entry using appropriate filters.






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