Income Statement - Customization

Navigate to: 

Reports -> Income Statement -> Select 'Layouts' tab



Select the default report layout, and then select 'Copy Layout' 



Once you have created your copy, click into it - Here you will be able to adjust the settings in order to customize the layout of the Income Statement.


Below is the default layout, which consists of one 'Parent Section' and it has been subdivided into an 'Income' and 'Expense' section




From here you are able to customize all different sections, but we will use Income for this example. See below.

Click the drop down under 'Income' and you will see the below screenshot. 



  • Display Section
    • Full / Header Only / Footer Only / Collapsed - These are display options with regards to the accounts within this section.
  • Show Total
    • Header / Footer / Both / None - These are display options with regards to the 'Total' $ amount of this section.
  • Negate Amounts
    • Applies a negative amount as positive and vice versa. In 'Income', this box should be checked off, and in 'Expense' this box should not be checked off.
  • Hide Zero Amounts
    • If any GL Account has $0 balance, it will not appear on your statement.
  • Title
    • The name of this section.
  • Title Highlight
    • You have the option to highlight this section in a number of different colors. 
  • Account Mapping
    • Select Accounts - You can select which accounts you would like to appear in this section from the drop down. 
    • Order - You can alter the order of the accounts you have selected here. 
  • + Add
    • This will allow you to add a subsection or multiple subsections within the section you are currently in (In our example, we are within Income). For example, there are 14 Accounts in our Income example. If you wanted to group 10 of them together, and group the other 4 together, you can create 2 subsections and assign the accounts as desired.


Below is a customized example we have created and then how these customizations show within the Income statement. 



NOTE: When creating your Income Statement, make sure to select your new customized layout before you Generate the report.




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