Edit Existing Payment Account

You can edit active Payment Account. Lets see what can be changed.

  1. You can add the new building to the account. If the building does not have default account already, the account will be set as a default automatically, at the moment you will save your changes.
  2. If the building already had another default account, the “old” account will become non-defaulted when you enter a new account as default.
  3. You can remove the building from the list of buildings, if the account is not set as a default for this building. Be aware of two exceptions, when the system will halt this operation:
    • This is the only building linked to the account. Remember – active Payment Account should have at least one building linked to it.
    • There are draft payments from this account. These draft payments can cover invoices from other buildings as well, but still – if there are draft payments, the building cannot be removed from this account.

What cannot be modified?

  1. You cannot change existing building to another one.
  2. You cannot change default account (change 'Is Default Account' from 'Yes' to 'No'). To do this, simply select another account as a default for the building. Once done, this account will become non-default automatically.

You can also reset cheque numbers. In some cases you may need to reset next cheque number of the active Payment Account. It can be done when you edit payment account. You will have access to the ‘Next Cheque Number’ field to change its value. The system will warn you if you reset cheque number “backwards” (for example, from 258 to 247) and will allow to proceed, if you chose so.

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