Creating a new payment account

You will need to define bank accounts you want to pay your vendors from and format the check/cheque image.


Click on Administration from Main menu and then Financial-->Payment Accounts-->+New Payment Account



Definition of the account is very similar to the definition of Merchant Accounts, used for tenant payments. You have to enter all the associated banking information. The bank address is mandatory as well, it is printed on the checks/cheques issued from the account.

Specify Account Name for internal use.

Set up the next check/cheque number to be used by the system. It does not necessarily need to be 1. For instance:

  • If you open new bank account – consider the allocation of the range of cheque numbers to the manual cheques and start auto-generated cheques from, for instance, 500.
  • If there is existing bank account you want to set up in Property Vista – take the number of the last cheque issued from this account and increment it at least by 1.

Connect buildings to the account. Important to remember:

  • One account can cover multiple buildings. For example, a corporate account which covers every PMC building.
  • There should be one default account per building. This default will be picked up during the payment process. If you set up an account as the default for the building, the system will update previous default account (if there was one) to be non-default.
  • There should be at least one building connected to the payment account.


The new Payment Account is saved in Draft status. You have to activate the account to make it available for payments. To do this, use Actions button:




You have to have at least one building linked to the active Payment Account. The system will validate this, and if there are no buildings – account will not be activated.


Next Step: Configure the Check/Cheque Features - CLICK HERE










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