Formatting Check/Cheque Image

Here you can configure the check/cheque image to be issued from this account.




You have to specify date format and your address to be printed on the cheque.

Other configuration parameters:

  • Add Bank Address and Phone – indicate if bank address and the phone will be printed on the cheque.
  • Add Payee Address – indicates if vendor address will be printed on the cheque.
  • Add MICR Line – indicates that cheque image should be created with or without MICR line.
  • Expiry Note – free text to suggest how many days vendor has to deposit the cheque.
  • Currency Description – highlights currency in which cheque is issued.
  • First Signee – employee who signs the cheque (if an electronic signature is stored in the system, it will be used).
  • Second Signee – use if more than one employee should sign the cheque.
  • Second Signature After – amount after which second signature is required.
  • Printed Account Number - This is the account number that is PRINTED on the MICR line. To add the Special Symbol MICR_Character.png use the "-" when entering the Printed Account Number:

After check/cheque features are saved, you can preview check/cheque image

Sample image will be displayed.




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