Cancelling A Payment (Void Cheque)

Payments in Draft (created but not confirmed) and Confirmed status can be cancelled. Cancellation of

Draft Payment does not impact Charge, Invoice and Vendor balances. Cancellation of the confirmed

payment voids the cheque and impacts corresponding invoice(s) balance.

There will be a residual number of cheques that either are not presented to the bank for payment for a

long time, or which are never presented for payment. In the short term, you should treat them in the

same manner as any other uncleared checks. In the long term, you should contact the payee to see if

they ever received the check; you will likely need to void the old check (cancel the payment) and issue

them a new one (create the new payment, which will generate the replacement cheque).

Select a payment to be cancelled from Vendor Payments list:




After payment is selected, you can cancel it Through Actions-->Cancel




For confirmed payment, the system will ask you if this payment was already deposited by the vendor. If

the cheque is not cleared, payment status is changed to Cancelled and the system will update the

balance of the charges, corresponding invoices and vendor balance, rolling back paid amount. You

should void this cheque with the bank ASAP, so the bank should reject the cheque when it is presented.

What if the payee cashes the original check and you did not void it with the bank? Then the cheque has

to be recorded with a credit to the cash account. The system will generate credit for every paid charge

for the same Vendor, Building and GL Account with the amount equal to the paid amount. If the payee

has not yet cashed the replacement check, you should void it with the bank at once to avoid a double

payment. Otherwise, you will need to pursue repayment of the second check with the payee.

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