Creating/Scheduling a One-Time Payment

From time to time you may find that you need to create a one-time payment on behalf of your tenant and/or schedule one ahead of time. Below you will find the necessary steps to achieve this:

Step 1: Under Tenants & Leases, find the Lease in question



Step 2: Click Actions --> Make Payment


Step 3: Choose the Lease Term Participant and all their associated payment methods show up. If this is blank, please create a payment method first under the Tenant in question. You can also choose to enter the payment into Property Vista as either a Cheque or Cash.

Important Note: We advise that you do not make a credit or debit card payment on behalf of your tenant. The reason for this is that credit and debit card payments have a web service fee associated with them. You should not accept this fee on their behalf. Instead, if they want to pay via a debit or credit card, have them pay through the portal, and they will be notified and prompted to accept the web payment fee. If you continue with adding the credit/ debit card payment method on behalf of the tenant, your company will incur a web payment fee each this payment method is used. 


Enter the Target Code for the item that the tenant is paying for. You are also able to adjust the amount depending on how much the tenant has paid.

If applicable: Leave the Target Date blank if you want to process the payment immediately. Enter a Future date if you want to schedule this payment.

Please Note: For the Payment Method; eCheque and Credit/Debit will pull funds from a tenant's bank account. Whereas, Cash and Cheque will not and will only record the payments in the Property Vista system.


Step 4: Press Save

Step 5: Press Actions --> Press Process to Process the payment (Scheduled or immediately).


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