Creating Money In Batches

Money In Batches is a feature that lets you enter all of your cash and cheque payments together at the same time.

STEP 1: Navigate to Finance → Money In Batches


STEP 2: Select +New Money In Batch


STEP 3: Select the Building [optional], Bank Account, and the Deposit Date, then select Save


STEP 4: Navigate to the Payments tab select +New Money in Payments Record


STEP 5: Fill in the details as required Select Save/Next to enter next payment & repeat this stepOnce all payments have been entered select Save


Building Will automatically populate
Paid For Lease Select the Unit the payment is from
Paid By Select the Tenant the payment is from
Payment Type Select Cheque or Cash
Current Balance Select Copy if amount of payment is the same as amount owing
Deposit Amount Confirm amount of payment
Cheque Number Enter Cheque number (If not a cash payment)


STEP 6: Once you have entered all the payments, navigate to the Payments tab and verify payment information entered is correct → Actions → Post Batch


STEP 7: If you require a deposit slip navigate to Actions → Print Deposit Slip


Once this done this task is complete

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