With our YieldStar -> Property Vista integration, you will have the ability to showcase real-time pricing. Keep reading for details on the configurations associated to the integration and related features.

To connect YieldStar -> Property Vista you may proceed with entering your YieldStar credentials in Administration -> Policies -> System settings -> YieldStar.



Proceed with clicking into the 'Settings' tab and setting 'Use Pricing Advisory' to 'Yes'


Complete the integration by validating the connection, by pressing 'Test Connection' under the 'Credentials' tab. The validation window will confirm the property count.


Upon the configuration of YieldStar, real-time pricing according to Move In-Date will be available to choose from upon creating a new Lease Application. Upon pressing 'Pricing Chart', you will be met with a popup showcasing real-time pricing based on Move In-Date. 


The Term Span may be adjusted accordingly, and will showcase reflective pricing.


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