Downloading Rent Receipts (Proof of Payments) in CRM

Follow these steps to download a rent receipt for your tenants

Step 1: Navigate to TENANTS & LEASES   TENANTS


STEP 2: Select the tenant concerned


STEP 3: Select ACTIONS   DOWNLOAD PROOF OF PAYMENTS. NOTE:  The lease form signing policy must be in place to be able to download this document and proceed to the next step.


STEP 4: Complete the required information


Period Start Select the date you want the rent receipt to start from
Period End Select the date you want the rent receipt to end
Document Type Select Summary Only or Summary And Details
Employee Select the Employee signing the rent receipt. 
Signing Role Select Agent or Landlord
Use Profile Signature Select if you want to use the Signature on file. NOTE: Make sure the employee has uploaded a signature.
Use Profile Contact Info Select if you want to use the contact info on file.
Phone/Fax Input Phone Number & Fax Number (not required)
Company Name & Address Information Input the Company Name & address information you want to appear on the receipt


STEP 5: Select Proceed to generate the Rent Receipt


Your rent receipt will now be Downloaded in .pdf format. This task is now complete.

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