Lease Agreement Policy

This policy allows you to customize the lease as it relates to all the legal wording and signature rules. Use this to set up the Lease Agreement clauses that you want to be included along with the general setup.


Please be advised that if the policy is Saved as Current, all leases (for the property/ properties noted on the policy) that are not fully executed will need to be re-signed by the tenants/ guarantors to acknowledge the new changes to the lease.

We do recommend saving as New Version so that the current leases are not affected (if changes are made to the policy).


Step 1: Navigate to Administration→ Policies → Application Leasing→ Lease Agreement Policies

Step 2: Select your policy level ( Organization or select the Province)



This Policy is broken down into three tabs:

  • Legal terms
  • Signatures
  • Settings


Step 3: Select the pencil to edit. Select Legal Terms tab

Here you would add a section for each legal term. The legal terms section is considered to include the information that is effectively the standard lease terms within your agreement and/or addendum terms.


Step 4: Select a term to edit. 

It would be recommended that for each paragraph you create a new box to ensure the system knows where to add a page break when it generates the lease agreement.


Title: This reflects the Paragraph Name


Signature Format: Choose between Full Name, Initials, Agree Box, Agree Box and Full Name and None. 

Note: Depending what you choose, it will force the signature after each section. The best practice is to leave them as NONE and add a final clause at the end to sign. 


Step 5: Skip the Signatures tab unless instructed by your Customer Success Specialist




Step 6: Select the pencil to edit. Select Settings tab

Here you will configure what information is calculated and added to the actual Lease document.



Section Drop down lister option details
Send Signed Agreement To Participants   Checking this box will automatically send a copy of the final executed agreement to all participants
Tenancy Starts Actual Day Makes the LEASE START date the actual day they move in on the lease
  Full Month Date Makes the LEASE START date the beginning of the upcoming month
Legal Rent Includes Section   This section helps you configure what is considered part of the LEGAL rent (legal purposes). 
Discounts Concessions This includes Concessions as part of the legal rent
  Part Term Concessions This includes partial concessions (ie. those that are not for the entire term of the lease) as part of the legal rent
  Adjustments This includes Lease Adjustments as part of the legal rent
  Part Term Adjustments This includes Lease Adjustments as part of the legal rent
  Prompt Payment Discounts This includes the Prompt Payment Discount into the Legal Rent
Features Part Term Features This includes features that are not covering the entire lease into the Legal Rent


Addendum Includes: This section is for SPECIAL CUSTOM Leases. Leave blank unless otherwise instructed by your CSM.

Step 7: Save your amended Lease Agreement


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