Checking Payment Statuses

You may check payment statuses in real-time.

Navigate to Tenants & Leases → Leases → Click into the Lease in question → Receipts


To view payments in BULK, including ALL existing payments in the system and their respective status - Navigate to Finance → Payments. Narrow down your results by utilizing existing report filters.



Submitted The payment has been submitted for processing
Scheduled The payment is scheduled to be processed
Pending Action The payment is pending an action (Draft) - Need to select Actions - Submit or Cancel
Queued The payment is in the queue to be processed by the bank 
Processing The payment is currently being processed
Received The payment has been received
Cleared The payment has cleared the account
Processing Reject The payment is in the process of being rejected
Rejected The payment has been rejected
Processing Return The payment is in the process of being returned
Returned The payment has been returned
Void The payment is void
Canceled The payment is canceled 
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