Returned / NSF / Reject Codes

From time to time you will receive a REJECT message as it concerns EFT/eCheque Payments. Below are the following messages as they are received directly from the bank. For further information you may need to contact your financial institution directly.

Returned/Dishonoured Items


Transaction Reject Reason Codes


900-999 900 Edit Reject
901 NSF (Debit Only)
902 Cannot Trace
903 Payment Stopped/Recalled
904 Post/Stale Dated
905 Account Closed
906 Account Transferred
907 No Chequing Privileges
908 Funds Not Cleared
910 Payee/Payor Deceased
911 Account Frozen
912 Invalid/Incorrect Account No.
914 Incorrect Payor/Payee Name
915 Refused by Payor/Payee
990 Institution in Default
998 No Agreement for Returns

101 Invalid Inst

102 Invalid Account

900 Edit Reject - Either Tenant provided incorrect banking info or Property Management made a transpondence error.

901 NSF (Debit Only)- Insufficient funds available for withdrawal from designated account. 

902 Account not found - CPA System (Canadian Payments Association) is unable to locate account information as entered. Similar to 900 Edit Reject.

903 Payment Stopped/Recalled - Account holder is aware of scheduled withdrawal and has asked their financial institution to not proceed. Tenant should be contacted and reminded of obligation under Lease.

905 Account Closed - Account holder has closed account and it is unavailable for electronic processing. Contact Tenant and seek current/updated account info.

907 No Debit Allowed 

908 Funds Not Cleared - Some accounts may have various holding periods on deposits made to them. This code suggests that funds may be available for the withdrawal, but institution won’t clear them because of a hold. Tenant should be contacted to determine when a convenient date to re-attempt can be scheduled.

910 Payee/Payor Deceased - Account holder has passed on. Financial institution won’t allow withdrawals from the account until certain matters resolved.

911 Account Frozen - Occasionally, a financial institution will hold transactions from being completed on an account. Property Management should contact Tenant in these situations and have Tenant press financial institution to release the account freeze so transactions can be processed.

912 Invalid/Incorrect Account No. - Similar to error code 900 and similar steps should be taken.

914 Incorrect Payor/Payee Name - The account holder name may be different than that associated with the electronic transaction to run. If so, a financial institution may refuse the transaction. Property Management should contact Tenant and confirm the name to be associated with financial information provided.

915 No Agreement Existed

916 Not According to Agreement- Personal

917  Agreement Revoked – Personal

918 No Confirmation/ Pre- Notification- Personal

919 Not According to Agreement- Business

920 Agreement Revoked- Business

921 No Confirmation- Business

990 Institution in Default

998 No Agreement for Returns

1205 "Do Not Honour" There is nothing the merchant can do, the client will need to contact their issuing bank in order to solve the problem. 

1251 "Insufficient Funds", is a code given when the credit card being charged does not have enough credit for the charge to go through

61+AMT+EXCEEDS+LMT++ : The issuing bank has rejected this transaction because "Exceeds withdrawal amount limits". The Cardholder will have to talk with their issuing bank to resolve the issue. 

05+DECLINE++++++++++ : This rejected code received is a general decline code provided by the card holders issuing bank. The card holder will need to contact their bank to resolve this issue. 

2001 Invalid Amount

2002 Invalid Bank ID

2003 Invalid Bank Transit Number

2004 Invalid Bank Account Number

2005 Invalid Reference Number

2006 Duplicate Reference Number

2007 Invalid Client ID

2008 Invalid Effective Date

2009 Refund No Match

2010 Amount Exceeds Limit

59 Suspected Fraud




Response Codes


Others Messages

C001 Invalid Type

C002 Invalid Terminal ID

C003 Invalid Reference Number

C004 Invalid Card Product

C005 Invalid Amount

C006 Invalid Fee Amount

C007 Invalid Total Amount

C008 Invalid Recurring Payment Flag

C009 Card Product Mismatch

C010 Amount Mismatch

C011 Fee Amount Mismatch

C012 Payment Total Mismatch

C013 Only Card or Token Allowed

C014 Void Unsuccessful

C015 Invalid Card Number

C016 Invalid Expiry Date

C017 Invalid Postal Code

C018 Invalid CVV

C019 Invalid Token

C999 Service Unavailable


HOLD CALL - This is a bank message. Typically meant to hold the card and call the issuing bank for authorization. In this case the request has not gone through and the card holder should call their bank for authorization and try again

1031 VISA DEBIT FORBIDDEN - This occurs when a new account has been setup and VISA DEBIT has not been enabled yet. It can take up to two weeks for VISA DEBIT to be activated after a new account has been created.

DECLINE - This message comes up with the payment processed is declined by the financial institution or credit card company. The payee should contact their financial institution to find out more. This is a common occurrence for Visa Debit as there may be a restriction on the Visa Debit account.

C009 - Card mismatch. The card type in question is not currently supported. Please check if the correct card type (debit/credit) was selected. Some cards may currently not be supported (such as Visa Business)

HOLD-CALL - The customer’s issuing bank has prevented the transaction from being authorized. NOTE: As you are not processing this transaction in person, you won’t be able to take possession of the card. Have your customer call their issuing bank (the number is typically printed on the back of the credit card) and ask why the transaction was declined. Once the issuing bank confirms that they will approve future attempts, try the transaction again.



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