Payment Status Explained

Property Vista maintains a real-time payment processing system in which we strive to be as transparent as possible. As a result, you can see the Payment Status at any given time in our system letting you know at which stage the payment is.

 Payment Processing Status


  • Submitted
    • Payment has been created and saved but has not been processed yet. 

  • Scheduled
    • Payment is scheduled to be processed at a designated time and has been posted to the ledger
  • Pending Action
    • Payment is ready to be processed by the payment processor; however,  the building is missing the Merchant ID setup to complete the transaction.
  • Queued
    • Payments are waiting to be collected and to be sent to the payment processor. They will process automatically and will be sent at a designated time.
  • Processing
    • Payments are processing
  • Received
    • Payments have been received by the Payment Processor and are being processed.
  • Cleared
    • Payment was successfully settled with the bank
  • Processing Reject
    • Card Payment cannot post or was rejected. System is Processing the Reject and adjusting the tenants file accordingly
  • Processing Return
    • Payment that cannot post or was rejected. System is Processing the return and adjusting the tenants file accordingly.
  • Void
    • Payment transaction is voided due to connection failure
  • Cancelled
    • Payment has been cancelled
  • Rejected
    • Card Payment has been Rejected
  • Returned
    • Payment was returned. See Return Error message for reasons of return
    • See steps below to further investigate a returned payment

From time to time, a payment may be rejected. In order to see the reject code and in turn what that code means, please see below. mceclip0.png

Click on "returned" payment status for a full explanation as shown below.



In live environment, you will see a reject code. For a full list of reject codes and explanations, please CLICK HERE

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