On Notice label for Yardi-enabled LM PMCs

This is the customer-friendly workflow guide on the On Notice functionality in LM.


On Notice is the unit’s status when existing tenants are about to move out.

The On Notice label is only visible to internal users such as leasing agents, and will not be seen by Prospects. Prospects will only see the bedroom/unit type as well as the price and date of availability (when available).

Even though the unit is not vacant during this period of being on-notice, it is usually available for tours as well as to start the leasing process for a new tenant to occupy the unit once it is ready and available.


Prospect-facing booking form



You may reach out to Property Vista Support to enable the On Notice integration of your Yardi buildings to LeadManaging.


How to identify which units are On Notice through LeadManaging

  1. Manage Unit Availability page

    1. From this page, you will see a column called, “On Notice.” When the status of the unit is On Notice in Yardi, the respective On Notice box here will be checked.

    2. When the checkbox for On Notice is unchecked, this means that the unit may be:

      1. Available (if the available toggle says Yes)

      2. Unavailable (if the available toggle says No)

    3. Note: In some instances, the checkbox may be greyed out or disabled. This means that the building is not set up to integrate with Yardi via LeadManaging.

        Settings → Availability → Manage Unit Availability


  2. Guest Card’s Leasing Preferences section and Book Appointments modal

    • From the main Guest Card page, leasing agents will be able to see which Bedroom Types are labeled (On Notice).

    • When booking appointments from this page, the (On Notice) label will also be shown when selecting the Bedroom Description.

    • LM-1773.png
      Dashboard’s Building Notes → Select a Prospect or To Do’s → Select a Prospect


  3. Quick Event Update Modal

    1. When processing an event, leasing agents will be able to see the units that are labeled (On Notice) from the Desired Suite Type dropdown.LM-1774.png 

        Guest Card’s Event History section → Quick Event button or To Do’s tab, To Do’s section → Quick Event button


  4. Push to 3rd Party Modal

    1. Right before a leasing agent can push the Guest Card to a 3rd party system like Property Vista, they will be able to see which units are labeled (On Notice) from the Bedroom* dropdown.

    2. Note: After pushing to the 3rd party system, the label will not be included in the notes.

    3. image-20230702-185428.png
      From the Guest Card → Process an event → Quick Event Update (Contact Stage: Application + Result: Applied) → Push to 3rd Party modal (checkbox must be checked)
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