Template Editor - Staff Email Replies

This functionality allows Admin and Super Manager users to customize email templates for their properties. These templates are property-based, which allows all users assigned to the property(s) to select the templates when sending new emails or replying to emails within LeadManaging.


Template Editor
Template Editor → Staff Email Replies

From the Staff Email Template Menu, users can add a new template, edit or delete existing templates. There’s also a search bar (contains search) that can look up templates based on the template name.


Template Editor → Staff Email Replies → Add New Template

Users can add text, links, and images on their templates. The template names must be unique and should always be linked to a building. If the template needs to be assigned to all buildings, there is an All Buildings option in the dropdown.


Template Editor → Staff Email Replies → Edit

Users assigned can edit existing templates from the contents, template name as well as change the building assignment.


Template Editor → Staff Email Replies → Delete

When an email template is deleted, the template name can be used again the next time a user creates a new template.


Users can select their templates when replying or sending new emails to prospects.


Settings and User Rules:

Ensure that the users are assigned to the property(s).

  • Navigational path: Frontend → Users tile → Add New User or Update Location Assignment for existing users

User Groups that can Create, Edit and Delete Templates:

  • Administrator

  • Super Manager

User Groups that can use the email templates:

  • All users that are assigned to the property

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