Submitting Ticket

This article will show you how to create a support ticket for Property Vista in just a few simple steps. You can also view a VIDEO HERE


Submitting Your Ticket

Step 1: 

Start by visiting the Property Vista Help Center at Determine whether your question can be answered by the helpful information that has already been compiled. There is a chat bot to assist you. 


NOTE: you must have the appropriate user credentials to open a support ticket. If you do not have the correct credentials, please contact your Property Vista system administrator to gain access or ask your company's designated support user to open a ticket on your behalf.


Step 2: 

If you determine a ticket should be submitted, log into your account using your user credentials. 


Open a support ticket through the Help Center by clicking the “Submit a Request” Button at the top of the screen. 



The system will prompt you through the following questions to best address your issue:

  • Select the category of issue you are submitting (ie, technical issue)
  • Identify the correct product or service for your issue (ie Property Vista, Lead Managing)
  • Describe your issue
  • Optional – attach any documents or screenshots to facilitate our ability to address your issue as quickly as possible. 
  • Hit the “Submit” button to register your request


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Post-Submission Response

Once you submit the ticket, the Property Vista Support Team will review your submission. We may contact you for additional information, if necessary. 


If we request additional information and do not get a response within four days, your ticket will be automatically closed. You will receive multiple email reminders before the ticket is closed. 


After review, your ticket will receive one of three paths:

  1. Your support issue will be addressed by our Support Team
  2. Your needs will be moved to the development queue
  3. You will be notified if your ticket is not selected for near-term development.  


Once a ticket is moved to the development queue, you’ll receive email notifications at each stage of the development process. Here are the email notifications you can expect to receive between your ticket’s acceptance into the development queue and its release:

  • Ready for development
  • Scheduled for development
  • In development
  • Ready for testing
  • In testing
  • Ready for release
  • Closed
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