Property Vista Terminology

Although Property Vista provides some default language around most of compliance related legal wording it may be prudent for you, the Property Management Company (PMC) to review and/or make any necessary changes to the default language.

The below checklist is merely a guide to the various legal wording that should be reviewed 

Policy Name What is it   Where do I change it

Lease Agreement

This is the wording you would use for the Lease Agreement.    Policies-->Application/Leasing-->Lease Agreements
Lease Applications This is the wording you would use for the Lease Applications. This will also cover the wording for guarantors   Policies-->Application/Leasing-->Lease Applications
Consent Policy This is the wording that covers the consent for the communication module for opt-in/opt out consent language as well as customization of header and footer information   Policies-->Communication-->Consent
Maintenance Requests This section allows you to configure the wording of permission to enter and entry instructions related to maintenance requests   Policies-->Portal-->Maintenance Requests
Terms and Conditions

In this section you can customize the following terms and conditions as found throughout the portals:

a) Resident Portal Terms and Conditions (The terms and conditions link found on the resident portal)

b) Resident Portal Privacy Conditions (the Privacy policy as found on the resident and prospect portal)

c) Prospect Portal Terms and Conditions (The link found on the online application/prospect portal)

  Policies-->Portal-->Terms and Conditions
Financial Terms

In this section you will find some compliance policies related to accepting payments. Here you will find:

a) Billing Terms (As per PCI you must have your billing and refund terms listed

b) Pre-Authorized Payment eCheck terms (your AutoPay or PAP authorization consent for EFT/ACH)

c) Pre-Authorized Payment Card terms (your AutoPay or PAP authorization consent for card payment processing)

  Policies-->Portal-->Financial Terms 


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