Cancelling an Invoice

You may at sometime need to cancel an invoice for various reasons. You can do so through the Actions tab




While the cancellation of the draft does not trigger validations, it is different when you cancel a submitted

invoice. There is a mandatory condition for an invoice to be cancelled:

 There are no confirmed payments/applied credits to the invoice.

If submitted invoice was paid (even partially) or credit applied to it, you have to cancel payments and/or

applied credits first. After this will be done, you will be able to cancel the invoice.

Once submitted invoice is cancelled, the system validates that cancellation of expenses is accepted by


If validations passed successfully:

1. All charges of the invoice (i.e expenses) are cancelled.

2. The system modifies cancelled invoice’ number by adding a timestamp to it.

3. Vendor Invoicing Summary is updated: Invoice Balance is subtracted from ‘Invoices’ and

‘Outstanding Balances’.


Re-drafting a cancelled invoice

Let’s take a look at some steps when you have to correct a submitted invoice. First step: cancel this invoice as shown above. Once done, the button "Duplicate" will appear. Click on it.



You would need to remove the timestamp from Vendor Invoice Number and do other updates, if

necessary. Once saved, the system will create the invoice in Draft status. You will then need to submit it.


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