Syncing Calendars

Outlook (365 & Exchange) ICS link for calendar sync

  • Allows LeadManaging to sync user's calendar with their Outlook Calendar

How to Get Outlook ICS Link

  • Open calendar
  • Settings > Search for "Publish Calendar"
  • Select Calendar
  • Select Permissions: Availability Only
  • ICS link > Copy

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How to Update Users Accounts in LeadManaging

Google Calendar Link for calendar sync

  • Allows LeadManaging to sync user's calendars with their Google Calendar
How to Make Calendar Public
  • Click Google Apps

  • Calendar

  • Settings > Settings

  • Calendars Tab

  • Sharing (on the right side of the page) > Share this Calendar

  • Click the box beside "Make This Calendar Public" & box beside "Share only my free/busy information"

  • Save

How to Get Google Calendar URL & Send to LeadManaging
  • Go to Google apps

  • Click on Calendar

  • Click on the Settings icon at the top > Settings

  • Click on the calendar you want to share under the 'Settings for my calendars' section on left side

  • Under Access Permissions, click 'Make Available to Public

  • Click 'Get Sharable Link'

  • Copy the link you see in the pop-up

  • Email that link to with the subject line "Gmail Sync with LeadManaging"


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