Adding a Block to your Calendar

Adding a block to your Lead Managing Calendar is something Users will have to do from time to time to ensure they are not booked by Prospects when they are unavailable.

Though your Lead Managing Calendar is typically synced with your internal calendar (Microsoft Outlook, etc), to pull in any appointments (which would make those time slots unavailable for selection on the Booking Form), you may want to make yourself unavailable (travel, admin work), so that Prospects do not book you when you are unavailable.

To add in a Block, Users will want to head to the Calendar page and select any one of the date squares. Doing so will bring up this modal where we can input our Block.


By default, All Buildings the Agent is assigned to will be selected. This is recommended, but can be changed if necessary.

Next, the Start and End date the Block should be applied to will need to be selected, Followed by the Start and End Time of day.

You'll then add a Description of their choice (this is only visible internally).

If this is a recurring event, you can select a frequency at which it repeats - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly. Selecting Weekly or Biweekly will allow the user to pick the days of the week the Block should fall on.

Finally, you can assign a staff member to temporarily cover your Appointments, so that Appointments during that time would be handled by them instead. 

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