Portal Access for Tenants after a Lease Ends

Once you have gone through the process of ending a lease, whether it be through a notice or termination, the lease status will change to completed once the lease is no longer active.

At this stage, the system does still allow the tenant(s) who was linked to this lease access to their portal. As a result tenants can still pay their outstanding balance through the portal if needed.

If you wish to stop tenant access straight away, you will need to close the lease.


In order to get the possibility to close the lease, it has to be terminated first.


Two possibilities:

- Wait until the end of the lease to get the Termination

- Terminate the lease manually


Here is the process to Terminate a lease and close it:


Step 1: Terminate the Lease

Go to Tenants & Leases -> Leases -> Select the lease concerned


Go to Actions -> Vacate -> Terminate



Input the dates information


Now the lease is terminated, we still need to set the Actual Move Out Date:

Go to Details tab -> Actions -> Move Out -> Set Actual Move Out 


Confirm by saying Yes.



Input the Actual Move Out Date and select Ok.


If you do not choose to close the lease immediately, tenants with a completed lease will still lose access to the portal after some time.

If you are a Yardi user, the leases cannot be closed manually within Property Vista and tenant access will again expire after some time.


Step 2: Close the lease

Now you can close the lease and stop the access for the Tenant on the Portal

Go to Actions -> Close

Fill in the reason why you want to close the lease then select Ok.



The lease is closed and the Tenant can no longer access to the Portal.



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