Registration Codes for New Tenants/Residents (BULK)

So you are ready to invite your residents into the Resident Portal? Great! There are several ways for you to get your Residents into the Resident Portal:


  • Send them an Email through the system
  • Provide them with a unique Registration Code to Register
  • Create a mail-merge bulk letter with all Residents/Tenants


The fastest and easiest way to register all your residents in bulk is by sending them an invitation. The system was designed to make this fast and efficient for you. Simply go to the following screen to choose your preferred method of delivery.




Once on this screen you will have the following options:

  • Generate Codes by Tenant - This will provide you with a unique code per Tenant (Reminder that many Tenants live within the lease). Only non-registered Tenants will be listed
  • Generate Codes by Lease: This will provide you with a list per Lease showing all the unique codes per tenant. Ideally used to send one letter per lease with all codes on it. Only non-registered Tenants will be listed
  • Send Mail: This will send an email invitation to all residents that have not registered yet and have an email on file
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