Payment settings for Portal

Sometimes, when a tenant is trying to make a payment online, they may want to make only a partial payment and not the full payment. Through your policies, you can control that setting.

You can either decide to enforce full payments only or change the setting to allow tenant to make a payment for any amount.


Step 1

Go to Administration ->Policies ->Portals ->Resident.

Select the Organization level 


Step 2:

Go to Policy tab -> Select the Pencil logo


Step 3:

Proceed to any change then Save


Resident Portal Enabled The Tenant can have access to the Portal
Portal Invitation Enabled The Tenant can receive an invitation to the Portal
Enforce Full Payment The Tenant had to pay full payment
Proof Of Payments Summary Only Only Charges and Deposit are displayed
Summary and Details Charges and Deposit get full details of what they are related to
None Nothing is displayed
Enforce External Lease Signing The Tenant has to sign the lease manually on a print document without signing digitally in the Portal


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