Adding Services

What is a Service? A Service is the main billable item that will be used to sell to the client and to run the billing engine. A SERVICE would be, for example, Residential Rent. 

You can enable several services for the same unit allowing you immense flexibility. For example, You can add an additional Service for the same unit for Furnished Rent allowing an option. If the Renter chooses Residential Rent, the rent is say 1,000. If the renter chooses a furnished unit however, the rent is 2,500. You can even bundle features and create a discount for Rent + Parking and make that its own Service. The variations are endless based on your business needs.

Within a service you can also set certain FEATURES to be mandatory. As an example, if you rent a Furnished unit, you must also rent a parking spot. 

Once the Service is added, you will also be able to add any deposit rules for that service, if applicable.


To get going, the system has, by default, the Service Residential Rent.

To add a service GOTO: PROPERTIES--> BUILDINGS --> Choose the Property in Question.

Next: CLICK THE PRODUCT CATALOG TAB (IF you do not see the product catalog tab please refer to our instructions on how to enable the Product Catalog).

Next: Click + NEW SERVICE


Choose the SERVICE AR CODE (By default there is only the Residential Rent, you can add more by reading instructions here). Next you will land on the SERVICES page. This page has several sections:



In this tab you can NAME your Service (ie. Rent) and provide a short description. You can enter the Market Price for this service and activate this service to be AVAILABLE ONLINE. Making it available online will allow your prospects to select this service from the website and see it's market price and availability. 

If you require any Move-In Deposits, Security or Last Months Rent Deposits (Where applicable) you can enter them as well. This is different from an APPLICATION FEE which get's set in the Policies here under ONLINE AVAILABILITY. READ HERE FOR FURTHER DEPOSIT SETTINGS



In this tab we list all items, ie UNITS, that are part of this Service. Click the +ADD to add items that apply to this category. If you leave the Deposit and Market rents blank it will automatically take the information as set on the GENERAL TAB. If you have specific prices for each unit you can set the Market rent here on the UNIT level.



In this tab you can choose what FEATURES are AVAILABLE with the Service. Features include Parking, Lockers, etc. You can create mandatory features if you want to include a feature as mandatory or as optional. If this is blank you likely did not set up any FEATURES yet. If nothing is selected (ie. Parking) that feature does not come up as an option for when you create a lease.


CLICK SAVE when you are done. You will see TWO (2) OPTIONS: SAVE AS NEW VERION or SAVE CURRENT. Property Vista can remember past billing options so if you already have leases in place that are using an old SERVICE please press SAVE AS NEW VERSION. Otherwise, pressing SAVE AS CURRENT updates the current rules.


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