Inspector Application Overview

The Inspector Application allows the Property Manager to manage their inspection per building and unit.

It is now also possible to manage the maintenance drop down selections.

Everything you see is configurable as per our settings and policy section.

Click HERE to know the different steps to follow to define the settings and policy in your Inspector Application.









The Inspector application is a way for staff members to complete their inspection procedure electronically whilst in the unit/ building and submit the completed inspection so it reflects in your Property Vista environment. 

You must have an internet connection to ensure that your new inspections go to the app but once its there, you can complete the whole process offline. You must have internet access in order to be able to submit your completed inspection.

Note- if your connection is unstable, your submission may not be able to push all of your pictures to your PV environment but once connection is established they can be 'forcibly' pushed.


Below is an example of a standard move-in inspection. You will see we have different inspection areas: All Rooms, Appliance, Keys and Controls etc.




Let's select Room for instance. Inside the Room, we have different inspection subareas.

Inside the first inspection subarea, we have Bathroom. Bathroom is composed of different inspection objects: Ceiling, Doors - Interior, Electrical Outlets/Switches...

In our example, the ceiling is composed of inspections conditions: Good, Marked or Bad. You select one of them, can add a picture and a comment (which are pre configured in the settings) if required.




The orange exclamation marks you can see on the screenshots inform you that those sections need to be completed to proceed.

Once you have completed all the sections, select the green arrow at the top right-hand corner. Click 'Submit'. 




After that you get an overview about the Inspection completed. If you are ok with it, select 'Submit Inspection'. Your Inspection is now submitted.




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