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Prior to January 27, 2023, Community Managers who uploaded Floor Plan images into the Property Vista CRM to be displayed on Vista Websites may have encountered a display issue where the uploaded image was cropped or cut-off when viewed on the Prospect-facing website.

As part of the January Property Vista monthly release, this issue was resolved. However, any impacted images that were previously displaying incorrectly will need to be deleted and re-uploaded by Community Managers. Note: All Floor Plan images were not impacted.


:blue_book: Instructions

  1. Login to the Property Vista CRM with your PMC credentials (must have edit permissions)

    • Navigate to “Properties”

    • Select “Buildings” from the sub-menu options and choose the Property you would like to update

    • Click on "Floorplans" from the top-navigation menu
  2. Select the Floor Plan type from the table displayed (e.g. Bachelor, 1 Bedroom, etc.)Step5.jpg

    • Select the “Marketing” tab from the top-navigation menu in the "Floor Plan Select" workflow
    • Select the “Edit” pencil icon from the top of the page

  3. Click on the “Edit” button in the “Images” section on the bottom half of the page

    • This will open a pop-up modal with a table showing all Floor Plan images that were previously uploaded by the PMC.

  4. Delete all existing images by selecting the “X” on the top-right of each image row in the table

    • Select “Add Image” from the buttons at the bottom of the pop-up modal

    • Click "Upload" to add a new Floor Plan image
      • Note: Once an image is added, you will need to ensure the “Visibility” is set to Public prior to save
    • Click "Save" to finalize your updates.
  5. Repeat Step 4 for any additional images associated with that Floor Plan configuration (e.g. if a 1-Bedroom unit has 3 different Floor Plans available, you will need to “Add Image” three times before saving.)

  6. Once all Floor Plan images have been updated, select “Save” from the pop-up modal

  7. Once image uploads are finalized and saved within the pop-up modal, click “Save” from the top-right of page (see image in Step 3)

    • Once saved, the re-uploaded Floor Plan images will be displayed on the corresponding Vista Website in real-time and without cropping.

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