Navigating/How to Navigate Property Vista!

Welcome to Property Vista! You've likely just had you first Demo with Sales, or your first Training Session with Customer Success. This article will highlight important Vocabulary, and show off the buttons or Hyperlinks that will help you navigate Property Vista.


Left Sidebar/Menu

Each section on the Menu contains what are called Modules. Modules contain Options. For example, in the Properties Module, there are Options to see our Complexes, Buildings, Units, and Landlords.



Most Options in Property Vista will lead us to what are called Listers. Depending on the Option you have selected, you will see a Lister of the items - Leases, Tenants, or Payments, etc. Listers will come with Filters, which we can use to isolate the Record we are looking for. If the default Filters are not enough, you can search for additional ones by clicking the Add Filter button highlighted below and typing in your desired filter. Columns can also be added or removed from view by clicking the Gear button, or Pencil icon on the far right of the Lister.


*** Fun Fact! Columns can be dragged & dropped into an order which is relevant to what you want to see!


How to Navigate to Prior Pages (Shortcut Menu)

Working on a few different items & need to return to a previous page? You can select the Shortcut Menu on the right side of your screen. This will act as a 'Trail' of the places you've been, or the items you've viewed. 


Shortcuts in pages - Hyperlinks 

Property Vista makes it easy to navigate through pages. In a Lease & need to go directly to a Building or Unit? Any time you see Hyperlinks (words that are underlined), they will take you directly the relevant Building, Unit, Lease, etc. - Saving you the trouble of navigating to the appropriate Lister and adding in the necessary Filters 


You can also select the hyperlinks to bring you to a new area:



Admin Settings (Front End Vs. Back End)

The Admin Settings are the final major navigation tool within Property Vista. Clicking the Gear Icon in the top right will alternate whether you are accessing your Modules to complete your daily tasks (sometimes called the 'Front End'), or making high-level changes or customizations to the way the system works (sometimes called the 'Back End').  To navigate to the Admin Settings, we will want to click the Gear Icon.mceclip1.png

To Navigate back to the Front End you can select the "Administration" button, or "Home" button in the top right:


*** Fun Fact! Did you know you can customize your "Home" button? Ask your Account Manager how!



Depending on your job role at your Property Management Company, you will want to be alerted to certain occurrences tracked within the system - like a payment being made or an application being submitted, etc. Notifications related to these criteria will live in the Notifications menu - the Bell Icon in the Top Right. Here we can see if you have any messages, tickets or items in your response queue that need to be addressed!


***Fun Fact! You can also create a new ticket or message directly from the Messages & Tickets sections!


Your Property Vista team is always here to help! From your Implementation Specialist to your Account Manager to submitting tickets to our helpdesk we are always available to assist in all things Property Vista! 


There is a also a virtual help menu you can access for assistance with features in your CRM in the Help Module


You can access our helpdesk articles here 

Still have questions? Contact a member of our team in real time by sending an email to

















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