Checking Auto Pay Changes

It is always best practice to check your auto pays proactively to see if there has been any changes from last month. This report compares the upcoming auto pays to the auto pays from last month, and displays the ones that have changed. It only works for leases which were changed but not paid for yet. For example, if you run the report today it will show all leases that were changed since the first of the month and for which auto pays were not adjusted. It is recommended to do this monthly before the auto pay cycle, to make sure that any issues are fixed before processing payments.

STEP 1: Navigate to Reports Auto Pay Changes.



STEP 2: Select the preferences that suit your business needs.


Leases on Notice Only If selected you will only see leases on Notice
Filter by Expected Move Out If selected this allows you to choose a date range for this report
Tags If tags have been set up for the building/unit you can select the tag you wish to filter by 
Trace If selected the report will be Traced
Filter by Buildings Select add and choose the building you wish to see the report for. If left blank the report will pull all buildings in your organization.


STEP 3: Select Run Report should you want to you can export this report by selecting Export


This task is now complete


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