Vendor Creation and Configuration

From the main menu, click on Organization--> Vendor--> Add new vendor.

The Setup for Vendors is broken down into Several Tabs:


Restricted Access


Account Info


General Tab:  



  • Name and Billing Address are mandatory
  • Mailing address should be entered, if it is different from the billing address.
  • Requires PO indicates if the invoice requires a matching Purchase Order
  • Additional Approval means that PO issued for this vendor requires an additional approval, even if it is within price limit.
  • Registration Number is used to store vendor’ registration ID (for example, GST #).
  • Max Units per month shows capacity of the vendor: how many units this vendor can work on within calendar month. Leave blank and discuss setup with your Customer Success Manager.
  • Term shows a number of days to be added to the invoice due date when calculating Due Date of the invoice:

Default (empty) – immediate, i.e. Due Date is equal Invoice Date

Net 15 – Due Date is Invoice Date + 15 days

Net 30 – Due Date is Invoice Date + 30 days

Net 60 – Due Date is Invoice Date + 60 days

Net 90 – Due Date is Invoice Date + 90 days

  • Suspension Date is updated by the system to the date when the vendor is cancelled. Important notes:
    • Cancelled vendor will not be an option in Inspections and Invoicing modules.
    • Cancelled vendor can be resumed, in which case suspension date becomes empty.


Restricted Access:


You have the ability to limit Vendors and their functions. This is very useful for organizations that want to control what Vendor is used for a certain purpose or for certain properties. 



Restrict Access To Selected Services:

By Checking this box and +Add Services will limit this Vendor for specific services (Ie. Snow Removal) and will be the only choice given when that service is selected. 

NOTE: If the Service you need it not listed you can create Services. Article HERE

Restrict Access to Selected Buildings And Portfolios:

Checking this box and adding specific Buildings and/or Portfolios will restrict the use of this Vendor for those properties only

Based on the criteria set above, vendors are selected to perform the work identified during unit/building inspections and Purchase Order Generation



In this Tab you can add the various contacts for the Vendor. 

NOTE: Adding an EMAIL and making a contact DEFAULT will enable them to receive an email of an approved Purchase Order automatically



Account Info: 

This section will enable electronic vendor payments (COMING SOON!)

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