Rent Roll

The rent roll report represents a detailed view of each unit which includes details such as market rent, actual rent, vacancy loss and loss to lease amount if the unit is not rented or if there is any difference in market rent vs actual rent. Also, the report will give an idea of different charges such as Pet, Locker, Move In Deposit, and Move Out Deposit, along with this it will show a count of the total number of days the Unit has been vacant.

While Rent Roll provides a broad look into leasing data, there are a few particular column totals that are key KPIs for the analysis of leasing performance including the utilization of the assets and the comparison to the overall market.


Rent Roll Parameters and Filters




As of Date

Date for which the report was calculated

Active Leases Only Y/N

Include only active leases or all. Note - if set to yes, key total KPIs such as Total Market Rent, Total Vacancy Loss, and Total Loss to Lease will be calculated for active leases only, other leases/units will not be included.


A list of buildings is included in the report

Exclude Internal Labels

Units with internal labels are excluded. Internal labels may be set for “dummy” units that may be excluded from various reports, for instance, parking lots or other assets that may be set as units in case the lease needs to be created for them.

Exclude Marketing Labels

Units with marketing labels are excluded.

Economic Status

If not set, all statuses are included. If specific values are selected, the report will be produced for selected types of units only. For example, if selected all except Off Market, the Off Market units will not be included in the report.

WaitList Units Y/N

If set to No, Waitlist units will be excluded. This is a good practice if there are waitlist units in the building/portfolio. Waitlist units are not the real units and may skew the calculation if included

Suspended Units Y/N

Similar to Waitlist units, suspended units will be excluded if set to No.

Owner Selected/Left Blank

If this field is left blank, the report will generate for ALL owners by default. If specific Owners are selected, the report will generate Units (Leased/Vacant) under that Owner only


Rent Roll Attributes






Property Code







All units


Units in arrears


Total Units with non-zero arrears


Units vacant


Total vacant units, not counting future rented


Units future rented


Total future rented units

Tenant ID



Primary tenant only

Tenant Name



Primary tenant only

Market Rent



Set in PropertyVista, or loaded from other sources (e.g. YieldStar). Market Rent is the rent price that could be charged based on similar units in the same submarket. Total market rent for all units in your portfolio is also referred to as Gross Potential Rent

Actual Rent



Including Rent Billable Item Adjustments, Concessions and Lease Adjustments with the same AR type as rent. When a unit is noted as “Future Rented” the charges on the account should not show in the current month.

Rent Taxes



Rent Taxes (US) + Rent Adjustments Taxes

Future Rent Date



If set, the vacant unit is future rented

Vacancy Loss



Total market rent for the total vacant units during the period that they are vacant. Vacancy Loss cannot be negative.
Calculated as: SUM(market rent) for all vacant accounts. All future rentals are considered vacant, even if rented in the current month (after the report date).

Loss to Lease (Rent Only)



Loss to Lease (Rent Only) is defined as the difference between an occupied unit’s market lease rate and the actual lease rate, including all concessions and adjustments of the same AR type as actual rent, before taxes. If negative, this is a Gain to Lease. 

Loss to Lease (All Charges)



Loss to Lease (All Charges) is defined as the difference between an occupied unit’s market lease rate and all charges, before taxes.

Calculated as Loss to Lease (Rent Only) - SUM (Total Parking+Total Locker + Total Pet + Total Other Charges). If negative, this is a Gain to Lease.




Including Locker Billable Item Adjustments, Lease Adjustments with the same AR type as the locker.




Including Pet Billable Item Adjustments, Lease Adjustments with the same AR type as the pet.




Including Parking Billable Item Adjustments, Lease Adjustments with the same AR type as parking.

Other Charges



All other charges

Other Taxes



Non-rent charges taxes

Increase Amount



Last increase amount




Total unpaid charges past the due date, also known as credit loss




Total unpaid charges


Generating Rent Roll Report

1. Go to Reports → Rent Roll

2. Click on the New Rent Roll Report Button to view the popup form



3. On the form, the date field will display the current date by default. The rent roll report cannot be run for dates in the future.

4. Enter the specific parameters as filters and click on Generate button to generate the report.




5. Report will be generated after a short wait and will look as below:




6. Once the report is generated, it can be exported to a spreadsheet file using the Export button.

7. Report can be deleted from the Actions dropdown.






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