Vendor Services Configuration

Vendor Services are the Services a Vendor can provide (for example: Snow Removal, Landscaping, General Contracting and many others). Property Vista has provided a default list for you to begin with. To add services you can follow the instructions below.


Administration --> Settings --> Vendor Management --> Vendor Services

Click on Vendor Service Types Tab --> + New Vendor Service


This setup is broken down to several components:

Service Level

Service Type

Requisition Type


Service Level:

Building: Choosing Building makes this service available for the envelope and interior of a building (Example, Landscaping, Garbage Removal)

Unit: Choosing Unit makes the service available for the UNIT level. (Example: Appliance Repair, Appliance Replacement)

Organization: Makes the service available more for corporate use (Example: Office Furniture, Software, etc). This is designed to be used on the Property Management Corporate Level.


In some cases Services will exist on BOTH Unit and Building Level. In this case create the same service twice, one for each level.


Service Type:

Here you can name your Service. Example: Snow Removal, Plaster, etc.

Requisition Type:

Certain services should only be performed via a Contract or should be recurring services (such as phone bills). Property Vista has the ability to create Contracts or Recurring Purchases. Those are limited to Services that are marked as such.

You have three choices here:

BLANK: Leaves this service available as a regular service

CONTRACT: Makes this service available for Contract creation

RECURRING: Makes this service available for Recurring purchases



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