Managing Multiple Buildings Under One Property Code

If you have more than one building using the same property code, please follow the steps outlined below.


Please note: Each unit of a building has their own legal address.


Option 1: You can create separate buildings. Please click on Link to view.

Option 2: You can create a custom legal address for an unit. Please click on Link to view.


Additionally, if you want to show the correct legal address on maintenance forms for example, please see the steps below:

You can change the Maintenance request templates. An Administrator-level user can go to Message Center -> Templates -> System. This page contains all Maintenance-related system templates. For each one - open the template, find the following lines :

Address: ${Building.Address}
Unit: ${MaintenanceRequest.unitNo} 

And replace them with

Address: ${MaintenanceRequest.unitLegalAddress} 

The unitLegalAddress takes the legal address of the specific unit, not the general building address. It also contains the unit number already, and hence no "Unit:" line is needed.

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